Frequently Asked Questions

My Cat is unvaccinated, can I still bring them to your cattery?

Except for the Christmas period, Yes. It will cost you a little extra, and they will be housed away from the other cats in our main cattery, in an isolation room

Can I come and visit your cattery before I book?

Yes. No matter which cattery you decide on we think it is very important that you visit before you leave your cats to stay, and encourage it. Just turn up during our open hours, no appointment is necessary.

Can I bring my cats favourite food or treats?

Yes. We have a fridge in the cattery, so you can even bring bring wet or frozen food if you wish.

I need to bring my cat in today, have you got space?

Yes. Unless it's the Christmas period. Just turn up during our open hours, with your cat, their vaccination card, and tell us when you're coming back.

Do you have any jobs?

Sorry, all our cattery positions are filled.