Cattery History

David and Fay McCrum, a husband and wife team, founded this reputable Auckland cattery, formerly known as Ashwood Pet Hotel in 1950.

It originated from Fay’s renowned Persian cat breeding. Fay was frequently asked to take care of her clients’ prized cats while they were away. She soon found herself running a new business in addition to raising her three children as word of her vacation rental for cats spread. David built spacious lodging for the cattery visitors, and business grew.

Years later, upon retirement, David took over the management of the cattery, allowing Faye to devote more time to breeding poodles.

In 2002, the couple chose to retire to the country after many happy years.

When the opportunity to own their own cattery presented itself, especially one with such a long and storied history the couple jumped at it.

They have now been the owners for more than 20 years.

Personal Background

Carissa had wanted to work with animals, particularly cats, for a long time. She had grown up surrounded by animals such as goats, mice, and cats. When she saw an ad in the paper for someone to work in a renowned and reputable cattery in Pakuranga, she jumped at the chance. Even though she now runs her own cattery, she still enjoys working there. With every purr and meow, she feels a sense of joy and fulfillment that can only come from working with these incredible home sized felines.

Christian’s love of cats began long before he even realized it. It all started with his mother, a kind-hearted woman who couldn’t resist taking in stray felines, despite his father’s protestations.  The family home was a haven for these furry creatures, and at one point, they had as many as seven cats.

For just over 20 years Christian worked in Auckland’s top toy store, Jacks Toy Company, where he spent his days surrounded by all manner of amazing toys. It wasn’t until he met Carissa that he realized he had found someone who shared his passion for pint sized felines.

Christian loves all manner of cats, from those wonderful big cats, Lions, Panthers, with a special fondness for Tigers, right through to the wonderful array of domestic cats. Having owned a variety of different breeds over the years, Birmans, Siamese, Turkish Vans and Maine Coons, along with various “SPCA” specials, he couldn’t be without a feline friend or two… maybe three…

Tender Loving Care

The cattery required some love, care, and attention, but with the family’s help in cleaning (and a fresh coat of paint), it was quickly restored to top condition.

Catz at Ashwood Quality Boarding Cattery, renamed to reflect the new ownership, is once again one of Auckland’s top catteries. It quickly gained a devoted following of repeat clients who then refer us to their friends. In addition to recommending us to their clients, a number of neighbourhood vet offices board their own cats with us as well.

Animal Art

A breathtaking scene was painted on the cattery walls in 2009 by the highly skilled muralist Doug Ford. A lovely native forest filled with local fish, birds, and, if you know where to look, frogs. In addition to Power Boxes, school and early education centre walls, and locations like Cornwall Park and ASB Stadium, Dougs’ incredible artwork can be found all over Auckland. To see more of Doug’s exquisite artwork, follow him on Instagram.

Thanks largely to the long periods of Covid Lock Down, there are now some additional artworks.  Christian painted a Bird mural on the inside wall of the walkway down to the cattery, and a large Tiger on the Garage Door.

In 2002 Christian and Carissa were looking to start an Auckland Cattery.  As luck would have it, Carissa’s parents saw Ashwood Cat Hotel in Sandspit Road, Shelly Park was for sale.

a painting of a tiger on cattery garage door

Look for our gorgeous multicoloured Tiger painted on our garage if you are passing by.

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