The Abyssinian is a domestic short-haired cat with a distinctive “ticked” tabby coat in which individual hairs are banded with different colours.

The name comes from Ethiopia, formerly Abyssinia, where the first “Abyssinians” exhibited in shows in England were said to have been imported from. According to genetic studies, its true origins are likely to have been along the Indian Ocean coast in parts of Southeast Asia, and it was introduced to Abyssinia (and others) by colonialists and merchants passing through Calcutta.

The Cat Fancier Association and The International Cat Association ranked the Abyssinian among the top five most popular breeds in 2016.

The breed’s unique appearance, which appears long, lean, and finely coloured in comparison to other cats, has been compared to that of human fashion models. The cats’ personalities are typically active and curious, and they frequently follow their owners around and encourage play. Their dog-like characteristics include a strong sense of affection and a strong desire for interaction. With their ticked coat and large erect ears, abys have a distinct wildcat appearance. They are a very social breed that can be quite demanding of attention. Because of their social nature, they do well in multi-cat households. Abyssinians are not lap cats; they are always on the move, either exploring or playing.

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