Catz at Ashwood Quality Boarding Cattery caters for cats of all breeds and ages.

Our semi-communal cattery has several large play areas, so your cat has plenty of room to roam around or find a peaceful spot to relax in the sun, in addition, there are plenty of things to climb, nooks to sleep in, a huge scratching tower, play area, well it’s more of a Cat Mansion really, designed by the awesome people at ComfyPet, especially for us, as well as a fabulous Cat Tree also by ComfyPet,  your precious cat will find something to keep them happy and make them feel safe and at home.

The covered sunroom is ideal for daytime relaxation and exercise, while the cosy interior rooms with stunning forest murals offer wonderful places for your cat to unwind and enjoy the sun. At night, your cat has a separate split-level suite.

In order to increase the comfort of each cat, each individual room has a bed on one level and a food and litter tray on a lower level. Our cattery is run to a very high standard to guarantee the security, well-being, and comfort of your cat. We put a lot of effort into pleasing you and your cat and making their stay with us as comfortable and relaxing as we can.

Located in Shelly Park, Howick we are a nice easy drive for East Aucklanders.

Contact us to find out more.

Inspection welcome

We encourage inspections and will be happy to show you around our cat boarding facility. Visit us to discover for yourself why cat lovers like you choose our  Cattery.

Please visit us during our open hours, Mon – Friday 12md-2pm and 7pm – 8pm, Weekends and Public Holidays 5:30pm – 6:30pm, no appointment is necessary.

Long Stay Cats

We welcome new cats to stop by for a trial visit. This will assist in acclimating your cat to the new surroundings. Before your cat comes for a longer stay, a brief initial stay with us can help to calm any anxiety. That way they’ll remember our cattery as a fun place to hang out until their favourite humans come to pick them up once more.

As much as you enjoy your vacation, so will your best friend’s vacation with us!

Christmas Stays

The minimum length of stay during the Christmas season is seven days, from December 20th to January 6th. For reservations made during the holiday season, we also require a deposit; the balance is due when you pick up your feline friends. This deposit is not refundable.


We feed Royal Canin Fit 32 which is a premium quality dry food with no fillers or artificial ingredients and is the same brand of food we feed our own cats. If you want to bring your cat’s favourite food or if they are on a special diet, please do so. There is no extra charge for feeding special diets.


We provide comfortable (as tested by our adorable moggies) soft ring beds, but you are welcome to bring your own bedding. We recommend if you want to bring something from home, an old towel or jumper. Just be aware that sometimes these items do end up in their litter tray, so maybe not Grandma’s favourite lace bedspread.


Carissa has become a skilled pill giver and has been trained in the administration of insulin and injected medications while working at Pakuranga Vet Clinic. Please bring the medication and dosage instructions with you.  We also can store refrigerated medicines in the cattery fridge.


If you would like to visit Catz at Ashwood before making a reservation, please do so during our open hours; no prior notice is required. During our open hours, you are also welcome to send family and/or friends to visit your cat(s). You can find directions by clicking here.

Vaccination Requirements

All cats staying in the main part of our boarding cattery, whether as short-term or long-term guests, are required to be vaccinated for the following:


Rhinotracheitis (snuffles)

Feline Enteritis

Potional Chlamydia (feline aids) optional – we strongly recommend you speak to your vet regarding this.

All cats must have had vaccinations within the last 12 months, but not less than 7 days before entering the cattery.

All vaccinations are to be valid for the length of stay.

Further Questions?

If you have any additional questions, please see our FAQs or contact us.

If you’d like to make a booking, please click here.